Amazing natural parks, wonderful places to visit, good climate and impressive mountains makes Barcelona countryside one of the best places in Europe to ride your mountain bike.

Local bikers have prepared up to 400 exciting km of  tracks for you, the route is not a touristy tour… is just made out of our favorite tracks. These tracks takes you from the sea to the highest point at 1,712 meters (5.617   feet) crossing all kind of natural sceneries.

Take the time you need depending on the way you like to enjoy your travels. Guide yourself using the GPS that we install on your handlebar (we’ll teach you how to use it) or if you prefer ask for a guide to go with you.

You can choice the hotel according with your preferences on the list that we have prepared for you. All of them are comfortable and gives you all that a bike traveler needs.

Don’t worry about your luggage, you don’t have to carry it, we will carry with it and you will find it on the next hotel.

The routes finish in Barcelona city, don’t miss the opportunity to discover this fascinating city.

Just  Choice between “Capablanca’s route”(3 days ) route or “The 3 mount route”(4-10days route)  and enjoy it!


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